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Old September 30th, 2009
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Default All About Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving is generally that which you find in a retail or even wholesale store on which products are displayed. Gondolas are double-sided or single-sided, with single sided usually being placed against walls. Gondolas come in different heights, depths, colors, and brands.

Gondola Heights
Gondola heights are measured from the floor you are standing on, to the top of the gondola upright (post). Normally they are in 6 inch increments, from 3 feet to 8 feet tall. There are some brands that make taller uprights, but the standard is usually 8 feet or less

Gondola Depth
Gondola depths are measured from the back panel (peg board) out to the front edge of the base shelf. When you have double sided, you refer the depth on each side. Adding the two base deck depths together on double sided gondolas, plus the thickness of your upright post (usually around 3 inches) will give you the total width of your gondola.

Gondola Section Sizes:
Gondolas normally come in 3 foot or 4 foot sections, although there are also some 24 inch sections around, and a few brands that made their sections in 30 inches. For mainstream stores though, 3 foot and 4 foot are common. If you are trying to make a 7 foot or 10 foot long gondola, it is necessary to mix 3 foot and 4 foot sections of gondolas together.

A sizing guide for Gondola shelving can be seen here:

Gondola Brands:
Gondola shelving is like cars. The parts do not interchange between brands with a few exceptions. It is important that you have all matching parts to assemble and use them, and you have to buy the parts from the manufacturer that made them.
Here are a few brand names that have been around the US market
Syndicate Glass
Handi shelf

There's lots more too, but some of these, as others are now out of production. It is best to stay with a company that is still manufacturing the same products, or at least stuff that is compatible with their earlier versions. some of the obsolete brands are still out there on the used market, and as long as you get what you need now plus a little extra, you might be ok. But if you need parts later it could be a problem.

You can find some help in identifying a brand of gondola shelving here:

Gondola Shelving Colors:

Gondola shelving comes in a variety of colors, but a few are the most common

Some special colors like black, green, red, yellow are found in special sections like liquor, health and beauty, or natural foods, but matching up a special color can be expensive after the fact, and manufacturers charge more for them when you order new. Black and white can both be a real problem to keep clean in a heavy traffic store, but some food retail areas are required to have it in some areas of the store for health department codes.

Gondola upper shelf sizes:Gondola upper shelves can vary in depth, or be the same size as the base shelf. Bigger chain stores often keep them the same so they can stock a lot of the same product on one shelf. Small mini-marts like to keep smaller shelves as they go up to the top so it allows customers to see the products beneath them, and they don't want to buy big quantities of the same product on one shelf. Tapering them as they go up works best for smaller stores, but even they have an aisle for something like canned foods or diapers where the shelf and base are the same depth all the way up

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Old August 4th, 2011
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Default Please identify type of Gondola shelf

I am new and would like to see if anyone out there recognizes the manufacturer of this Gondola shelving. I need to purchase two shelving slotted rods that will go with this shelving. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sam
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Old August 9th, 2011
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Sorry, I missed this one. Are these 3 foot or 4 foot sections?
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